How to format a research paper?

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Writing a research paper is a kind of a result of studying a course. This is an independent scientific work of the student, in which he conducts a small study under the supervision of a supervisor. In order for the project to be written correctly, not only in terms of internal content, but also in appearance, consider the rules for the research paper, which we will discuss later.

How to format a research paper?

First of all, you should be clear about what structure your research will have. Here, all adhere to uniform standards and follow the traditional pattern.

The first one is attached to the title page, followed by the table of contents and introduction.

The main part of the work provides an analysis of the literature on this issue, analyzes the research situation and traditions in this area. If the paper was carried out theoretical or practical observations, in one of the last sections will be given all the data on the progress and results of the experiment.

The logical continuation of the main section is the Conclusion, where, in a concise form, the basic guidelines for writing a paper, the conclusions drawn and the results of the work carried out are given.

How to format a research paper?

So that your manager and commission for the protection of the paper doesn’t have any questions, stick to the following standards:

  • Font: size, distance, typeface, size. All text is typed in TimesNewRoman, font size (size) for regular text – 14, for subtitles – 16 (bold), for footnotes – 12. One and a half line spacing is used, the spacing between letters is normal.
  • Fields. Traditionally, the indent on the left side of the page is 30-35 mm., The top and bottom margins are 20 mm each. Indent on the right side – 15 mm. Enlarged fields on the left side are due to the fact that the work will be stitched, and part of the sheet will not be available for reading.
  • Red line. Each new thought begins with a red line, representing a 1.5 cm indent.
  • Pages are numbered in Arabic numerals, which are located in the lower right corner of each page, starting from the third. The title page and table of contents are taken into account when putting down the numbering, but the numbers are not indicated.
  • After formatting the text, it is printed on A4 paper on one side and stitched, following the order of sections and subsections.

Since the research paper is the first thing that the supervisor, reviewer, and commission members pay attention to, we strongly recommend that you take all the above requirements into full responsibility.