How to title a research paper?

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Any research paper begins with the filling of the title page. As the saying goes, meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind. It is great for our theme. After all, a beautiful and well-filled title page of research paper is already a promise to the teacher that you tried while doing the work.

Rules for how to title a research paper

It is not numbered, although it is considered conditionally the first. On it you need to specify:

  • full name of the educational institution, department, academic discipline;
  • course topic;
  • surname, name of the artist;
  • what course;
  • form of training (full-time, distance);
  • group number;
  • surname, name, patronymic of the reviewer;
  • in which city the university is located;
  • what year the work was done.

The title page of the research paper is made out on an A4 sheet. For the text, as a rule, the TimesNewRoman font is used, the size of which is 14. The name of the educational institution and the subject are typed in capital letters. All data is centered, except for student and teacher data. Here, right-justification is applied.

The size of the fields (in mm) must meet certain requirements – the left field – 30 (at least), the right field – 10 (at least), the top field and the bottom – at least 20.

Remember, the first sheet of the paper is your business card. The preliminary opinion of your reviewer about you as a person and a student depends on the accuracy and diligence of filling it out.

If you are still having difficulty filling it out, then pay attention to our detailed step-by-step instructions, with which you can correctly arrange the first page of your project without any problems.

  1. Specify the full name of the relevant department (14 font; centered).
  2. Below – “Educational Institution” and under it in capital letters in quotation marks – its full name (14 font; centered).
  3. Indicate the department, faculty (14 font; centered).
  4. Below is a specialty (font – 14; centered).
  5. Further write – “Reseach Paper” (24 font, bold; central alignment).
  6. Indicate the discipline for this paper. If necessary, enter the variant number below (14 font; central alignment).
  7. In capital letters, specify the paper theme (16 font; bold; central alignment).
  8. Further, in a column, according to the standard rules of registration, indicate your personal data and the data of your reviewer (teacher) (14 font; right-field alignment):
  9. your last name and first name;
  10. what course do you do?
  11. What is your form of education?
  12. Group number;
  13. surname, name of your reviewer (teacher);
  14. And the last – you specify the city in which you are studying, and the year of the research paper.

So, you know how to title a research paper and your title page is ready! Good luck!