How to write an introduction to a research paper?

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Most often, when checking a paper, the teacher focuses on this section, because in it, in addition to the main problem, the student describes the course and objectives of the work assigned to him.

We tell how to write an introduction to a research paper.

Introduction outline:

  • Brief summary
  • Relevance of the problem
  • Tasks of work
  • Purpose
  • Object of study
  • Subject of study

 1. Brief summary

In a few sentences, describe what you will be telling. What is the topic of your work and how will you open this question.

2. Relevance of the problem

The introduction for the research paper must describe the relevance of the problem. This is a formality, but almost all student works are about rules and frameworks, not about the free form of the student’s thoughts. Sometimes you have to forget about creativity and write “as it should be”

3. Tasks of work

You need to set the tasks that you will disclose as you write the material. Tasks must be set according to purpose.

4. Purpose

The goal is the result, and then what are you striving for when studying the problem you have posed.

 5. The object of study

The object of research, how often they are confused, is not a subject and science. This is the area within which your topic lies.

6. The subject of study

Often the subject of study is a repetition of the name of the chosen topic. That is, it can be said that this narrow focus is considered by you at the time of writing the material.

How to write an introduction to a research paper?

You cannot rely only on example. Do not forget to also express your own opinion regarding the issue under study. You can also mention which literary sources you used.

 Remember that the introduction and all the other sections of the paper are a study in which each statement must be supported by facts and figures. It is impossible to write that “most likely the indicator A is more than indicator B”, in this case it would be correct to indicate, for example, “according to the data given in the summary table, it is clear that indicator A is higher than indicator B by 7.3 points”

Universities have different requirements for the volume of introduction. Most often advise a volume of 1-2 pages. This is enough to fully convey the essence. You can find out the exact amount in the training manual or from your supervisor.